Delta Investment Group has been a commercial brokerage since 2002 specializing in Buyer Broker relationships including, commercial, 1031 strategies, and TICs. Due to the distressed asset market unfolding in 2008 more and more clients favored unlisted, off-market assets over the traditional retail income deals with the potential to purchase at sub-retail, wholesale, and sub-wholesale price points. Taking advantage of relationships in the market with both direct and vetted sources, Delta Investment Group now provides a proven system for investors to acquire discounted assets across all commercial sectors, bulk REO’s, and custom acquisitions.  With a solid process of written procedures and an industry system in place, Delta Investment Group can orchestrate the most complex of asset offerings including direct and as well as non-direct vetted acquisitions. 

     Inventory is updated weekly and distributed to a closely monitored database of nearly 700 subscribers, investors, and representatives. Assets are never listed in open forums, Loopnet, or e-blasted. We feel this model is the most expeditious forum for vetting qualified buyers while at the same time keeping a low profile for the lenders who seek only to reposition their investment from declining asset values to more liquid positions and thus add value to their balance sheet and shareholders.

Understanding the market is the key to the ups and downs. With a current knowledge of the market as a moving target gives us an advantage to move quickly and adjust.

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Deal Objectives:

  • Wholesale

  • Rehab

  • Value-add

  • Flip (i.e. carpet and paint)

  • Equity Share

  • Subject to

  • AITD

  • Buy and Hold

  • Short Sale

  • Pre-foreclosure

  • Lease/Opt or Sandwich

  • Financial Flip (i.e. discount for fast close)

  • Hybrid

  • Combination

As the Exclusive Distributor of the internet search and deal leader finder, Delta has thousands of lead to help our clients monetize their mission.

As a team, we are Investors and Brokers, that focus on the value-add opportunities that are motivated by a ‘situation’, i.e. short sale, BK, divorce, health, lost job, Probate, liquidation of a Trust, corp sale, vacant, absentee owner, tired landlord, etc.

Keys to Our Success

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